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While some players like to wheel and deal as rich clubs in FM23, others thrive on running a club on a shoestring budget. This involves scouting out hidden gems, getting the last drops of greatness from veteran players, and sometimes settling for a player who isn’t great, but performs their role perfectly. In this article, I will be taking a look at some of the cheap goalkeepers to pick up in your FM save.

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Cheap Goalkeepers in FM23

Nathaniel Nwosu

I can’t tell you how many times I have signed Nwosu in saves. He is often available on a free contract but comes cheap regardless. He is just 16 to start the game but his talent and potential are quite high.

Andy Lonergan

While his wages may be offputting, Lonergan is available for a pittance at the beginning of saves. At 38, he is past his prime but he is a very capable man to have between the sticks, especially if you’re waiting for a younger goalkeeper to develop.

Javier Belman

Belman is a free agent to start saves and can make an instant impact on any team. He’s on the young side so his value rises very quickly, which helps if you aim to flip him and make some money.

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Elia Caprile

Another younger goalkeeper, this time plying his trade in the Italian Serie A. There are far worse goalkeepers who will cost a lot more than Caprile without his upside. He has the added upside of his wages being relatively cheap, which won’t be the case with some other options on this cheap goalkeepers list.

Keiren Westwood

Another veteran presence, this time from a free agent. Westwood is a rock-solid player to have defending the goal. Like Lonergan, he may not be around for a long time, but he is a great short term option.

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What do you make of our list of the best cheap goalkeepers in Football Manager 2023? Any ommissions?

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