What is The Top Selling Resident Evil Game of All Time?

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The Resident Evil games defined the genre of survival horror. Mixing action, puzzles, strategy, and pulse-pounding horror, the franchise has expanded into films, streaming shows, books, and comics. What is the top selling Resident Evil game of all time? Let’s take a look at the top 10 best selling Resident Evil games of all time.

Top Selling Resident Evil Game 

10. Resident Evil Revelations 2: 3.8 Million Units

9. Resident Evil 0: 4.2 Million Units

8. Resident Evil 3 Remake: 4.6 Million Units

7. Resident Evil 2: 4.9 Million Units

6. Resident Evil Village: 6 Million Units

5. Resident Evil 2 Remake – 10 Million Units

4. Resident Evil 7 – 10.2 Million Units

3. Resident Evil 4 – 10.8 Million Units

In many fans’ eyes, the best of the series Resident Evil 4 comes in at number three on the list. The game put gamers in control of Leon Kennedy for the first time since Resident Evil 2.

For the first time in the series, the main enemies were not zombies infected with the T-Virus. Leon is tasked with rescuing the President’s daughter who has been captured by a mysterious cult in an unnamed Spanish village. The villagers have been infected by Las Plagas, a mind-controlling parasite.

Resident Evil 4 focused more on action elements and was praised by critics and fans alike upon release. It has been ported to multiple consoles and a full-blown remake is currently in development.

2. Resident Evil 6 – 11.6 Million Units

Resident Evil 6 comes in second on the list. Gamers take control of multiple characters from the Resident Evil universe through four different campaign lines.

The main story revolves around Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong. The campaign features a heavy cooperative element and is heavily action shooter focused as opposed to survival horror based.

Resident Evil 6 received mixed to negative reviews from fans and critics. The heavy departure from the core Resident Evil elements received the bulk of the criticism. The campaign received mixed to negative reviews from many critics however, the design and controls did receive more favorable reviews.

1. Resident Evil 5 – 13.4 Million Units

The follow-up to Resident Evil 4 lands the title of top selling Resident Evil game. Resident Evil 5 put gamers in control of Chris Redfield for the first time since the original game. Alongside him is Sheva Alomar as they attempt to apprehend Ricardo Irving in West Africa before he can sell a bio-organic weapon on the black market.

Once they arrive they learn that locals have been infected with Las Plagas. Chris also comes across his former STARS partner Jill Valentine who is under the mind control courtesy of Albert Wesker. The game has one of the most infamous scenes in all of Resident Evil as Chris punches a boulder at the end of the game in a fight against a mutated Wesker.

Resident Evil 5 received relatively favorable reviews and continued the franchise’s push into more action-oriented gaming as opposed to the traditional survival horror that the franchise had been known for.

Did your favorite Resident Evil game land on the top selling list? Leave your comments in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!

Data courtesy of Fandom and Wikipedia. Header Photo Credit – Steam Store

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