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Please enjoy our MultiVersus Review for PS5.

The introduction of Super Smash Bros has been revolutionary to the platform fighting games with very few competitors. Not only was SSB one of the most prestigious fighting games, but it also helped revolutionize crossover characters from various franchises coming together in one game. A few games have attempted to compete with SSB, including Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl but it never trended significantly. Warner Bros’ MutliVersus is not only trending on social media but has been getting great reviews and could be the biggest competitor yet.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play cross-over platform fighting game that features characters, stages, and music from franchises from Warner Bros. Discovery. These franchises include DC Comics, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, and more. The game’s playable characters include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy and Velma, Rick and Morty, the Iron Giant, and Arya Stark.

The goal of the matches is to knock the opponent off the stage. What differentiates MultiVersus from other similar games is their devotion to teamwork, their devotion to the characters, and the capability to build characters through perks. MultiVersus also has a unique art style that makes all of its characters look like they joined the same universe.

MultiVersus Review: A Clever and Fun Fighting Game That Truly Competes With Super Smash  Bros

Title: MultiVersus
Developer: Player First Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1-4
Genre: Platform Fighting
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, X-Box One, X-Box Series X/S, Steam
Release Date: July 19, 2022

The Action is Intense But Strategic

This game is a typical button-mashing game like the older fighting games were. To win, players must be strategic with their attacks and use different methods to inflict damage on opponents. That is one aspect Player First Games utilizes to make the game less repetitive and enjoyable throughout different matches. Players can find new unique ways to knock their opponents off the stage.

Each character has a unique form of standard and special attacks that stay true to the characters. From Superman’s heat vision, to Taz’s spinning tornados, and Arya Stark’s face stealing, the game is true to the nature and actions of the non-original characters.

Like Super Smash Bros, each character has a standard and special that can inflict specific damage. The key is the timing of the attacks are important as one false move could lead to trouble. What differentiates MultiVersus from SSB is the player’s capabilities to multi-jump, attack in a series of patterns in mid-air, and perform more dynamic dodges.

The Music, Voice Acting, And Sound Effects Are Done with Full Effort

One that makes a multi-franchise fighting game unique is its devotion to the franchises represented. Warner Bros spared no expense in accurately depicting their characters, sound effects, stages, and music.

An impressive cast was formed to provide their character’s voices, such as Maisie Williams as Ara Stark from Game of Thrones, Tara Strong as Harley Quinn from the DC animation and games, Kevin Conroy returning as Batman, and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo movies and recent animations. The game provides well in-depth phrases, quotes, and interactions between the characters.

Several similar depictions of the characters vary through different actions. Tom and Jerry have their screams reused from the old cartoons to accurately depict the characters. The pair even try to fight each other on the character selection screen and with their taunts.

There isn’t a character that the developers skipped over. There are also no similar characters or attack patterns that too closely resemble each other. This is an unfortunate pattern that appeared in Super Smash Bros, starting from Melee to Ultimate.

Unique Playstyle

With every fighting game, the goal is to knock your opponent off the stage and lower their stock. MulitiVersus brings a new twist to the game where I was tasked with providing key support for my teammate in a standard two vs. two matchup. The game makes players work together to combine special attacks to provide support through special abilities in aid. Players can save their teammates from going off the edge or from a double-team situation if executed correctly.

Other match settings could be set, such as one vs. one or free for fall, but they are more fun if teammates work and strategize together. This is a unique concept that allows people to work together in unique settings in fighting games in an unprecedented way.

The Gameplay Is Solid

Every non-Smash Bros game will be judged for its gameplay because it sets the standard for its gameplay and mechanics. Luckily for them, the gameplay for MultiVersus is smooth and fluid as each character doesn’t have lag moving. There is a purpose to each movement and action in the game.

Players can navigate the field and move freely without feeling constricted as the dodging buttons help significantly. It is easier to dodge enemy attacks or avoid double-teamed situations with the fluid movement and the installed dodging mechanics.

Unlike most other fighting games, MultiVersus has different variations of fighters who are defined by their abilities. The game separates the fighters as bruisers, tanks, assassins, support, and mage/range characters. These characters have a unique purpose for attacking and using their abilities. Matching a player’s abilities and class with another character with a different class can provide great support to complete a winning combo.

Players get better over time by leveling their character and gaining multiple perks but also by learning their character, their movements, and how they handle different scenarios. Perks are unlocked as a character levels up, giving players advantages on every map.

There are even perk categories of unique, offense, defense, and utility. A player can have as much of an offensive or defensive boost as they want in the perk set-up before a match. They can use utilities to help players navigate unique obstacles or avoid uncomfortable settings. There is even perk training that starts at level nine for a character.

This game expects you to actually learn the game, how attack and support patterns work, and to not button push their way to victory. There are also little to no opportunities to spam attacks, which has been a key component of why some people do not play fighting games.

MultiVersus Review – Final Thoughts

It is hard for a platform-fighting game to live up to the hype and the legacy that Super Smash Bros has brought to the gaming industry. MultiVersus, however, has shown they have the potential, the product, and the hype to develop into a great potential franchise. MultiVersus is a game that is highly addicting as there are different schemes and goals to keep me invested.

The game looks to add several more characters and stages as time goes on. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty is set to be included in MultiVersus in early August. There will be several other skins and battle passes options that will be tempting to buy.

If the game was not free, it might not be as popular, but they are taking a page out of Fortnite’s book to get people to play for free and potentially have them buy their products. Regardless, MutliVersus is a game that looks to improve over time. For a game that has had a strong start while in its beta stage shows, it could be a big favorite for years to come.

LWOGaming MultiVersus Review – The Final Verdict


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