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Welcome to another episode of Last Word on Gaming’s Cosplay Cast! In this edition, we welcome back SarahSpectre Cosplay to talk all things cosplay, gaming, and Steel City Comic Con! Sarah was part of an earlier Resident Evil cosplay article that we did to celebrate the release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. She is also joining the writing team at Last Word on Gaming so be sure to keep an eye out for some awesome content from her!

The link to the video can be found below and it can be played in this article or on YouTube. Thank you to SarahSpectre Cosplay for coming back for another interview, and we are excited to have you writing for LWOG!

*Spoiler warning* – slight spoilers for Resident Evil Village are discussed in the video. 

SarahSpectre Cosplay Interview 

We spoke about a variety of topics which can be seen in the above video. Here are the highlights and main points of the interview.

If you were to cosplay what character would you choose?x

-Beginnings in gaming and early favorite franchises

-All-time favorite games and what she is currently playing

-Beginnings in cosplay

-How her creative and thought process has changed over the years

-Dream cosplays to create

-Her partnership with Steel City Comic Con and some networking tips for content creation

-How the opportunity arose and her day in the life during the convention

Stay Connected With SarahSpectre Cosplay and More

Stay tuned to Last Word on Gaming for more cosplay content in written, video, and hybrid formats! Thank you again to SarahSpectre cosplay for taking part in the interview, and be sure to give her a follow on InstagramFacebookTikTok, and Twitter.

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SarahSpectre Cosplay Mother Miranda


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Dominic P (Editor)
Dominic P (Editor)
Dominic is an editor for Wrestling and a writer for Gaming. Dominic truly believes very few things connect people the way pro wrestling does. He loves going to shows (indie or not), and working with Warrior Wrestling. He has been a gamer since age 5, and is a big fan of RPGs and anything open-world. He owns many consoles and is planning a gaming PC very soon. He is also getting into the cosplay world as well. Dominic is a huge fan of heavy metal music (listening, going to shows, playing guitar, shopping for vinyl, CDs. etc), working with the student organization DECA, Star Wars, and comic books.
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