FIFA 22 Best Young Players To Sign

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One of the things everyone loves to do in Sports simulators is developing the next big thing. That’s why we are going to have a look at some of the budget options for FIFA 22 best young players that you should sign. Not only do they usually come cheap but there’s a sense of real pride in watching these players’ overall rating shoot up as you trust them with more and more playing time.

We’ve previously listed some of the best players available at the beginning of a save.

FIFA 22 Best Young Players to Sign on A Budget

Maarten Vandevoordt – GK

The goalkeeping position is a critical one to get right for any team. Goalkeepers can often play long into their 30s before regressing as much as outfield players so finding your long-term number one at this position is imperative. Our number one choice is Genk’s Maarten Vandevoordt, at just 19 and with a starting rating of 71 he’s a solid option to become your top goalkeeper for some time. He generally peeks at a rating of 87 and can be bought initially for as little as £4 million.

Charis Chatzigavriel – GK

While Vandervoodt is our number one option, we also have a cheaper option to recommend. 17-year-old Charis Chatzigavriel can generally be picked up on a free transfer at the beginning of the game and his overall peaks at 84. His base rating is an incredibly low 58, but with enough patience and trust he could be your top goalkeeper for many years to come.

Jurrien Timber – CB

As defenders go you can generally pick up anyone with pace to occupy the wise spots. For the CB position, you need quality which is why we recommend Ajax player Jurrien Timber. Timber’s fee is roughly £10 million and the 20-year-old’s base rating is 75 which means you can practically play him from day one and watch him grow to his peak of 86.

Leonidas Stergiou – CB

Similarly, while Timber would be our number one option we recognize that the price tag may be a bit high if funds are tight. A second option for the CB position is Swiss defender Leonidas Stergiou. The 19-year-old has base rating of 67 but peaks at the same rating as Timber, that’s with a price tag of just above £2 million making him a much cheaper option.

Fabio Carvalho – CM

No list of the FIFA 22 best young players would be complete with Fulham’s brightest star, Fabio Carvalho. While there are a number of players with a higher ceiling than Carvalho in the game, there’s few that can be purchased for as little as £2.2 million. Carvalho is slightly versatile as he can play as a basic CM or push up as a CAM if needed.

Adam Hlozek – ST

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A young goalscoring striker is an absolute must-buy for any manager. Thankfully Adam Hlozek fits the bill. At just 18 he starts out with an overall in the mid 70s and peaks at roughly 87. Hlozek has the benefit of being strong, good in the air, pacy, and a decent finisher to boot. He is the total package and has a price tag of just under £9 million.

Dane Scarlett – ST

While Hlozek fits all the boxes we again understand the price tag may not fit all budgets. That’s why we can also recommend Dane Scarlett of Tottenham Hotspur who can be bought for £1.3 million. Scarlett starts out with a lower overall of 63, but his pace will make him a natural killer for most teams and some loan spells should help him get closer to his potential rating of 86.

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Will you be signing anyone from out list of FIFA 22 best young players list?

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