FIFA 22: Best Players at The Start

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We are now just over a week into FIFA 22 and FUT Champions has officially got underway. LWOG will be looking at who the standout cards are going into FUT Champions and who can get you to the top ranks.

FIFA 22: Best Players at The Start

Goalkeeper: Edouard Mendy (83)

If you are looking for a high quality Premier League goalkeeper, look no further than Edouard Mendy, who at 6’6 is a true giant in goal.

Goalkeepers are already broken in FIFA 22 and the extra reach from Mendy means that he can get to shots that few keepers can.

Defender: Kalidou Koulibaly (86)

Pace matters. Or does it? Kalidou Koulibaly isn’t the fastest CB you’ll face, with people like Lacroix and St Juste being commonplace among fans.

Koulibaly however has excellent defensive stats alongside a respectable 81 pace, which means not only is he always brilliantly positioned, with a shadow he matches the 91 pace of St Juste.

With the Serie A offering a wealth of talent this year, Koulibaly is a must have in your teams.

Midfielder: Frenkie De Jong (87)

Hands down the best midfielder on the game, Frenkie De Jong is the first big money signing you should make this year.

The ability to pass quickly is extremely important this year, and De King’s excellent passing stats means that he is quickly able to transition the play from defence into attack.

He does however struggle to shoot and so it is best to keep him in one of your CDM roles in order to get the best out of him.

Striker: Paulo Dybala (87)

I’ve tried Messi this year and I thought he was average. I’ve tried the budget Messi this year, Mr Paulo Dybala, and the man is otherworldly.

Not only does he have the agility, Dybala has the pace this year to match the top players and it makes him devastating to play against. FIFA players know that left footers just shoot better than right footers and Dybala is a great example of this.

Couple all of this with the finesse shot trait and you have the best card this year.

The Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

FIFA 22 gives out rewards for everything and so it’s probably the easiest year to make money ever. Here at LWOG we recommend that if it’s possible to get all these players in your starting XI (we found a way), you need to ASAP!



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