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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game so good it has managed to convert even long-time Pokemon haters, it is also a game jam-packed with stuff to do. One such mission will see you tasked with combating a frenzied Arcanine to aid the Pearl Clan. As the game progresses the bosses obviously become stronger so I’ve put together this guide on how to beat Arcanine.

I also put together a guide for defeating Kleavor if anybody is looking for the easiest way to defeat the game’s first boss.

How to Beat Arcanine Walkthrough

Dealing With Attacks

Arcanine, like most frenzied nobles, has a fairly predictable attack pattern.  Use the limited invulnerability afforded when you dodge to avoid taking damage from Aranine’s rising attack.  If you dodge properly you can even find yourself to Aranine’s side as it charges up leaving it prone for balms being thrown at it to wear down its health.

One thing to be very careful of is when Aranine starts loading up the fireballs. This is when you HAVE TO throw balms at Arcanine to prevent the attack and leave it open for battle.  You’re given enough time to make sure that your attacks are precise but don’t dilly dally.

Battling Arcanine

Embed from Getty ImagesUnlike the Kleavor battle, I would recommend battling Arcanine and using it to finish the battle quicker.  Arcanine is weak to Water-type attacks and the level you fight him in just so happens to be full of water-type Pokemon.  I would always recommend having a Psyduck on the team anyway but if you don’t have one then you can easily catch some fairly strong water Pokemon in the sea surrounding the battle.  Using these water Pokemon you should be able to get super-effective hits on Arcanine each time and will have it beaten in no time.

The key will be timing dodges properly and cutting off the massive fireball assault but otherwise, this strategy should help you beat Arcanine with little to no trouble.

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Did you find any other ways to beat Arcanine? if so chime in below with your strategy

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