World Record Breaker Clockwork Aquario Heading for Xbox and Steam in Summer 2022

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2021 saw World record breaker Clockwork Aquario arrive on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and now a digital release has been confirmed for summer 2022 on Steam and Xbox.

World Record Breaker Clockwork Aquario Heading to Xbox and Steam

Record Breaker

30 years ago a game called Clockwork Aquario was about to be released into the arcades but then the rise of 3D games came along and it never saw the light of the day. That was until ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games decided the game needed to be given the time to shine. Because the time between the game being first ready and actually being released was recognised as being the longest time in gaming history it hence grabbed its Guinness World record.

PS4 and Nintendo Switch Release

The bright arcade platform game came to both PS4 and Nintendo Switch and we gave the game a 9/10 score in our review.

Now it will have the chance to shine even brighter and be in the hands of even more gamers when it arrives as a digital release this summer.

Gaming History

After the development started almost 30 years ago, Clockwork Aquario was quickly dropped with the rise of 3D games in Japan’s arcades. Luckily, ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games were able to bring the original developers back together and give Clockwork Aquario the release it deserved all these years later. With this history, Clockwork Aquario is officially the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ holder for the longest time between a videogame project start and final release!

The colorful 2D-pixel art platformer is bringing joy to fans of all ages with its charming, dynamic gameplay, cute characters and the kind of humor only arcade games can pull off. Packed with a two-player-mode, retro lovers can show their youngest a special piece of arcade-gaming history.

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