Gynoug Delivers Another Shmup Classic

Gynoug delivers another Shmup classic from yesteryear with Ratalaika games building on their success from the recently released Gleylancer that I also reviewed recently.

Gynoug Delivers Another Shmup Classic

Title: Gynoug

Developer: Masaya 

Publisher: Ratalaika Games 

Players: 1

Genre: Shooter

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PS4

Release Date: 12/11/2021

Ratalaika Games Strike Again

Gynoug was well known for its enemies being very different to anything you would have seen before with brains, faces, pulps and other sorts of disgusting coming at you in this 2D scrolling shooter.

Gynoug was one of my favourite shooters on the Mega Drive purely because it was so well made and Ratalaika have nailed the port as they did with Gleylancer, a game which feels very similar to this but that is no bad thing at all.

Power Ups

There are nine different types of power ups to be found in Gynoug as well as spells you can cast and whilst these are all great you will need to learn how to use them all as this game comes with no instructions. Yes that’s right – not one and it means much of your learning will have to come through trial and error alone.

Out of This World No? Good at Its Job? Yes

Gynoug is not going to win any accolades for originality or for doing anything that is especially exciting but what it does, it does well. A good learning curve as well as being technically excellent and enjoyable to play.

Let’s not forget that this is a 30 year old game that has actually aged really rather well. It still looks and sounds good and is perfect for fans of this type of game. The price is just under £6 and for that price it deserves to be played once more as Gynoug delivers another Shmup classic.



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