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What do you get if you take a Metroid Prime morph ball and cross it with a 3D platformer? What you get is an inspired piece of game development so get ready to roll in our latest quick review – Glyph on the Nintendo Switch.

Quick Review – Glyph – Not A Load of Old Balls

Title: Glyph

Developer: Bolverk Games

Publisher: Bolverk Games

Players: 1

Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 11th January 2021

Golden Balls

Taking control of a golden beetle you must explore the Temple City of Aaru and to help you on your exploration is Anobi who will help you learn new skills and abilities. There are exploration stages and time trials that you access via hubs that act like teleporters.

To open further levels you will need to collect keys as well as coins and gems as you bounce, float and fly around the various levels. You will find launch pads dotted around certain levels where you can smash down, think Super Mario and you get the drift here, and reach higher levels as well as gain extra height to then glide across longer distances. You can speed up in your ball form and slow down and there is a real focus on learning how to control your character throughout the game.

Level Up

The tutorial can be skipped but it is well worth going through it as knowing the moves you need will help you in the main game. When you learn the ability to fly you will then see your character in its beetle form but for the most part you will remain a Glyph.

The levels are plentiful and all well designed with unique challenges in each. There are some flaws in the game design especially when you find yourself splatting into walls and cliffs when the viewpoint has suggested you are nowhere near. The camera does have the odd ‘stuck’ moment and whilst it doesn’t harm the overall experience it is annoying when you are going for some of the high scores that will entice you in.

The Verdict

Glyph is a beautifully designed puzzle, platform adventure game filled with ingenuity and despite the odd flaw is well worth your time and I can recommend that this game is a worthy addition to any Nintendo Switch collection.




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