Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Discord have announced that those who are signed up to the Nitro server can get two months free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which can’t be bad.

Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Nitro Users

Two Months Free

As of October 26th, Discord have confirmed that users on the Nitro sever can get a full two free months of Game Pass Ultimate giving them access to cloud titles as well as over 100 games for PC, Xbox and mobile devices. The access will be full for the two months and cloud gaming will be available on all devices dependent on wi-fi and ideally a strong and stable 5G signal.

Back At Ya!

Whilst the offer is only available to new Game Pass Ultimate subscribers the deal does work in the opposite direction so if you sign up as a new user but have friends who already have the service, you can get them to sign up to the Nitro server and they will get a full three months access. It’s a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

How to Get Your Free Access

If you’re subscribed to Nitro, all you have to do is go to the Settings > Gift Inventory in Discord and click the link to get your code, then redeem it with Microsoft. As long as you’re new to Xbox Game Pass and in a supported region, you’ll be able to cash that in for two full months of Ultimate.

If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate user who’s never tried Nitro before, you can go to the perks page to get your code for 3 free months of Discord Nitro (also a $30 value!).

So if you are a Discord user and/or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate user this could be a good time to grab one of the offers and enjoy some free access to gaming content whether that be chat or plenty of games.

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