The One Thing I Want In FIFA 22

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With FIFA 21 drawing to a close, the first look at FIFA 22 has arrived. Whilst some bits look good, such as the ability to create your own club in career mode, I have been let down too many times by EA to get excited. With the rebranding of PES to eFootball, EA need to do something big. So I am going to focus this article on the one thing I want EA to add to Ultimate Team. Welcome to my new Series: The One Thing I want In…

The One Thing I Want In FIFA 22

Create A Pro on Ultimate Team

Now without doubt, Pro Clubs is the best game mode on FIFA. There is nothing more fun than creating your own pro and making him better and better by playing games with him. The ability to change your player from a strong 6ft5in CDM to a 5ft5in left-winger with 5 star skills is the most entertaining part of FIFA.

What I want is this same create a pro ability, but in the game mode with the most promise on FIFA- Ultimate Team.

There are many reasons why people would hate this idea, but my plan would be to not make these players comically overpowered and broken, but instead create a system that rewards those who play the game and even do challenges to help their pro develop.

Start Low, Finish High

For my pro idea to work, you would need them to start as a bronze card, around 60 rated.

Every 30 games would get your pro up a rating. For most people, this would be a challenge, and your pro would only get to 80 rated after 600 games. For games, I’d set a limit on 600 so your pro could max get to 80 from games.

But at 80 rated, most of the FIFA community would turn their nose up at a card like that.

That’s why, I would introduce a set of milestones, active throughout the game cycle, that you can use to upgrade your pro in different ways.

For example, there could be a milestone that says, score 50 goals with your players weak foot to improve it, and get 50 assists to improve their skill moves. This would progressively increase to make it harder, but eventually you could make your player have 5* 5* and extremely usable. All objectives would be available from Day 1, and that means you can start grinding defensive objectives or offensive ones straight away.

A defensive one for example could be concede a maximum of 1 goal in 10 appearances with your pro in the defence to gain 5 defensive points.

Other objectives could even increase rating and I think that if the max your player could be was around 90, he would be usable throughout the year.

Ability Tree

Ideally though, what would be perfect would be to have the exact same ability tree as in Pro Clubs in Ultimate Team. This would enable you to not just use your pro as a star attacker, but what if you needed a CB to help your team. Increase his defending and lower his shooting and you then have an elite tier CB. Focus on the defensive challenges at the start of the year and give yourself a meta CB without having to use Joe Gomez or Eder Militao.

When I play FIFA I need something to grind towards and make me want to play the game. The ability to make my own pro compete with some of the best players of the game would do exactly that.

Come back next time to see what I want from the next Ratchet and Clank game.



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