Cross-Play Comes to Overwatch

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After 5 years, cross-play has finally been added to Overwatch, but not without some controversy and issues.

Cross-Play Comes to Overwatch

Time to Battle With All

Having been teased over the last few weeks, randomly, cross-play was added to Overwatch and has been met with mixed reviews so far.

Whilst most of the game modes allow cross-play, the key game mode, competitive, does not allow it, meaning PC players don’t have to deal with the aim-assist of console players, and console players similarly don’t have to worry about mouse and keyboard users clicking heads.

Brilliantly though, this means that Xbox, PlayStation and Switch players will now be able to queue together in competitive, helping to reduce queue times, in particular for the much-desired DPS role. Cross-play in competitive is not in play yet but will be added to the game shortly.

This latest patch however has caused some controversy, with all the nerfs on console that occurred to certain heroes that have items where aim wasn’t required such as Symmetra’s turret or Ashe’s B.O.B, being re-buffed in line with the PC version.

Similarly, many players have started to be placed in games in other regions in an attempt by the Overwatch team to reduce queue time again. This has meant that people have ended up in games on 150 ping, something that is definitely not an ideal way to play.

Last Word On Gaming Viewpoint

Overall I am excited to be able to start playing Overwatch alongside the whole community, and now I may even be able to compete in a Plat Chat Timmy tournament this year.

With the Overwatch 2 release date still unconfirmed, at least we can feel assured that cross-play will be a part of the game on release.



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