Stardew Valley Achievements Guide (Steam)

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This Stardew Valley achievements guide for Steam will detail how to 100% the game. Stardew Valley has long been one of the most beloved titles on Steam since its release in 2016 which helped revitalise the farming simulator genre.

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Stardew Valley Achievements Walkthrough

  • Greenhorn – Earn 15,000 gold
  • Fisherman – Catch 10 different fish
  • Cowpoke – Earn 50,000 gold
  • Mother Catch – Catch 100 fish
  • Treasure Trove – Donate 40 different items to the museum
  • Moving Up – Upgrade your house by getting Robin to improve your house
  • Homesteader – Earn 250,000 gold
  • The Bottom – Reach the lowest level of the mine, this is floor 120
  • Ol Mariner – Catch 24 Different Fish
  • A New Friend – Reach 5 heart friendship level once, do this by speaking to people every day and giving them gifts they like
  • Singular Talent – Reach level 10 in a skill
  • D.I.Y – Craft 15 different items
  • Monoculture – Ship 300 of one crop, usually by mass-producing the cheapest seeds
  • Best Friends -Reach 10 heart friendship once
  • Gofer – Complete 10 help wanted quests
  • Millionaire – Earn 1 million gold
  • Cliques – Reach a 5 heart friendship with 4 people
  • Living Large – Upgrade home to maximum size
  • Networking – Reach 5 heart friendship with 10 people
  • Artisan – Craft 30 different items
  • Local Legend – Restore the Pelican Town Community Centre by completing all the bundles
  • Popular – Reach 5 heart friendship with 20 people
  • Master of the Five Ways – Reach level 10 in every skill
  • Cook – Cook 10 different recipes
  • The Beloved Farmer – Reach 10 heart friendship with 8 people
  • A Big Help – Complete 40 help wanted requests
  • Legend – Earn 10 million gold
  • Full House – Get Married and have two kids
  • Sous Chef – Cook 25 different recipes
  • Blue Ribbon – Get 1st place in the Stardew Valley fair competition
  • A Complete Collection – Complete the Museum Collection
  • A Distant Shore – Reach Ginger Island
  • Joja Co.Member of the Year – Become a Joja Co. member and purchase all community development perks (cannot do this and restore the Town Centre in the same playthrough)
  • An unforgettable Soup – Delight the Governer
  • Master Angler – Catch every Fish
  • Full Shipment – Ship every item at least once
  • Protector of the Valley – Complete all Monster Slayer goals in the Guild (noted on the wall in their building)
  • Polyculture – Ship 15 of every crop
  • Mystery of the Stardrops – Find every Stardrop
  • Two Thumbs Up – See a movie
  • Gourmet Chef – Cook every recipe
  • Infinite Power – Obtain the most powerful weapon
  • Craft Master – Craft every item
  • Prairie King – Beat ‘Journey of the Prairie King’
  • Danger in the Deep – Reach the bottom of the Dangerous Mines, also ends at Floor 120
  • Fector’s Challenge – Complete ‘Journey of the Prairie King’ without dying
  • Good Neighbours – Help your forest neighbours grow their family
  • Well-Read – Read every book
  • Perfection – Reach the Summit by 100%ing Stardew Valley (catch all fish, find stardrops, 10 heart friendships, and more)

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That is all for this Stardew Valley Achievements Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Stardew Valley content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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