The Planet Crafter Achievements Guide (1.0)

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This The Planet Crafter Achievements guide for the full 1.0 release will detail how to 100% the game following the full release.  Planet Crafter made the jump to a full release over on Steam and gained a massively positive reception for its open-world survival style of play.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Planet Crafter Achievements Walkthrough (Version 1.0)

  • Shelter – Constuct your first living space
  • The Rare Red Ore – Find Iridium
  • Vegetables in Space – Craft your first Food Grower
  • New Sky – Reach Full Blue Sky (175 KTi)
  • Clouds in the Sky – Get Clouds (350 KTi)
  • Life From the Sky – Get Rain (875 KTi)
  • Liquid Water – Reach Liquid Water Level (3MTi)
  • So Much Water – Get Lakes (50 MTi)
  • Greenery – Reach Moss Level (20 MTi)
  • What Could go Wrong – Craft your first nuclear reactor
  • Are We leaving – Cradt your first launch platform
  • Biomass – Craft first Biodome
  • The Blue Rare One – Find Osmium
  • Golden Flower – Find first golden seed
  • Flowers on Hostile Planet – Craft first flower spreader
  • The White Rare One – Find Zeolite
  • Automation – Craft first Ore Extractor
  • The Pink Rare One – Craft or find Pulsar Quartz
  • It’s Growing – Reach Herb Level (700 MTi)
  • Not the Face! – Get hit by an asteroid
  • Genetic Engineer – Craft first DNA manipulator
  • The Forests – Get trees (2GTi)
  • Jungle -Craft Tree Spreader
  • A Door? – Find a weird door in a cave – Location is at 922:68:1785
  • Mushroom Rivers – Discover the Mushroom River  – Location -217:-42:487
  • Vivarium – Reach Insect Level (8GTi)
  • Barely Surviving – Craft 10 items
  • The Factory must grow – Build an Autocrafter
  • Farming on Mars – Create your first outside farm
  • Breath – Reach atmosphere level (100 GTi)
  • Ancient Paradise – Find the Ancient Paradise – Recieve a message from Riley and proceed to the location where you’ll then have to find 10 Warden Keys at the following locations:
    • -464:-40:97
    • 964:68:1744
    • 750:5:1863
    • 690:4:2115
    • 663:28:2105
    • 1234:98:2898
    • 1328:98:2941
    • 1190:168:2914
    • 1200:114:2989
    • 1177:185:2980
  • Fusion Energy – Craft your first Fusion Cell
  • Logistics – Build a Drone
  • Space Trading – Build a space trading rocket
  • Bubbles Under Water – Get Fish (5TTi)
  • Space Smuggler – Gain a total of 100 terra tokens
  • Getting Comdy – Craft 100 items
  • Space Pirate – Gain 1000 terra tokens
  • Space Trader – Gain 10,000 terra tokens
  • Space Frogs – Reach Amphibian Stage (30 PTi)
  • Rainbow Caves – Discover Rainbow Caves – Entrance location 1970:8:2080
  • The Yellow Rare One – Find Solar Quartz
  • Space Magnate – Gain 100,000 terra tokens
  • Distant Wrecks – Craft a Portal Generator
  • Jump in Lava – take lava damage
  • The Cenote – Discover the Ceonte Biome – Accessed via the Meteor Crater by finding a hole in the south-western wall
  • Evolution – Reach Mammals level (1.25 TTi)
  • Cookie Factory – Bake a cookie
  • Space Zoo – Craft an animal shelter
  • Unstoppable – Craft 1000 items
  • New Life Forms – Craft your first DNA Sequence
  • Biosphere – Reach complete Terraformation (5TTi)
  • Subjection – Leave the planet with Sentinel Corp
  • Subversion – Leave the planet with Wardens portal
  • Subservience – Leave the planet with the smugglers

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That is all for this Planet Crafter Achievements guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Planet Crafter content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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