Persona 3 Reload Hierophant Boss Guide – Levels, Weakness, Tips

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The third full moon boss in Persona 3 Reload is the Hierophant Arcana. This is considered a tough battle by many due to its strong attacks and lack of weaknesses. In this Hierophant boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, and providing other tips to win this battle.

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Hierophant Boss Guide – Persona 3 Reload


The Hierophant boss has no exploitable weaknesses. It completely nullifies light and dark attacks but isn’t particularly strong against anything else. It is one that will have to be whittled down through a combined attack.


In older titles, this was a Level 24 boss which meant that it was advised that the player enter the fight at Level 24 or higher. This can be a difficult fight so I would advise being a higher level but the light attack is no longer a one-hit kill so it’s not as difficult in Reload as in previous versions of Persona 3.


The boss uses fear to paralyse your party which can be a game changer. Be sure to make the most of Yukari’s Patra as well as dis-fear items. If you can avoid letting your party waste turns by being fearful you can turn the tide of the battle against a strong enemy.

Using debuffs will likely come into the equation for the first time as most early game battles can be brute forced but with the Hierophant boss you’ll want to weaken it to make it easier to defeat.

Using the Theurgy attacks will go a long way to lowering the boss’s health.

It’s a small thing but if you can get a persona that’s strong against light attacks you can keep the MC in good shape to help heal as Yukari could be busy dispelling fear meaning you’ll need all hands on deck for healing.

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That is all for this Persona 3 Reload Hierophant boss guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Persona 3 Reload content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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