FM24 Best Young Left Backs to Sign

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This FM24 Best young left backs to sign article will be split in two. The first part will look at just who the top left backs are, while the second part will focus on more attainable players who are at lower-tier teams or could be considered genuine bargains. This should help those who want to play as top teams as well as those on the hunt for the next great bargain.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Top 5 Best Young Left Backs in FM24

Alphonso Davies

It feels like he has been around forever but Davies still isn’t even 23. Currently playing for Bayern Munich he is the perfect left back with his unnatural pace, dribbling ability, and his attacking nature. There’s few better players to put in the full back spot than this youngster.

Alejandro Balde

Barcelona continue to produce exceptional talents with Balde looking like a perfectly capable LB already. He’s got better crossing ability than even Davies and has enough pace to get from box to box with ease. The biggest benefit is his sky high potential which could see him surpass every other left back in world football.

Nuno Mendes

Another fast-paced, attack minded full backs who can contribute to the team offensively while remaining defensively sound. Mendes is right up there with Balde and Davies as one of the best young left backs in the game but he’ll be just as difficult to pry away from PSG.

Josko Gvardiol

With the increasing trend of full back inverting and occupying a central position in possession, Josko Gvardiol is an elite tier left back. He is basically a CB by trade but can defend on the wing and works well when inverting to join the defensive line to allow your RB to stray further forward.

Micky van de Ven

Another more defensive minded option is the Tottenham Hotspurs man. he’s got speed and passing ability so can play at the centre back position but he is equally capable as a defensive LB or an inverted full back.

Best Young Left Backs in Football Manager 2024 – Affordable/Budget

Valentin Barco

Boca Junior’s left back Barco is one of the better bargains available at this position. He’s a teenager who can play an array of positions on the left side of the field which makes him a strong pickup. He can cross, dribble, pass, defend, and has a 16 natural fitness rating which means he will become a physical monster once he develops.

Lucas Jetten

Jetten is just a teenager so he will need time to develop but he’s got the potential to be a top-quality left-back. He’s already got 17 acceleration and 13 crossing as well as 14 tackling. These are skills that can be built upon to make a quality LB in future.

Patryck Lanza

Currently playing for Sao Paolo, Lanza is another project who will need time to grown and become an elite player. He’s got good base stats for a left back and with time could be quite the bargain.

Josh Doig

It’s pretty clear to see the potential with Doig. He’s got the physical attributes of a top full back already with solid crossing, tackling, and mental attributes. His potential ceiling isn’t as high as his peers on this list but his stats paint the picture of a great player.

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That is all for this FM24 Best young left backs to sign list. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Football Manager 2024 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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