NBA 2K24 Best Centre Build (Old Gen)

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With the release of NBA 2K24 it is time to jump right back into making builds, this time around we’re starting off with builds for old-gen/current-gen consoles as opposed to the PS5/Xbox Series. This year’s old gen titles have upgraded the badge and point system to the one used in 2K23 on next-gen. Our latest article is a look at the best centre build in NBA 2K24

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

NBA 2K24 Best Centre Build


Height: 7 foot

Weight: 238 lbs

Wingspan: 7′ 10″


Close Shot: 80

Driving Layup: 79

Driving Dunk: 88

Standing Dunk: 91

Post Control: 80


Mid Range: 68

Three Point: 79

Free Throw: 54

Note: This is one of the few that you can probably switch around, if you predict you’ll be playing close to the rim and getting fouled then beef up your free throw rating


Pass Accuracy: 69

Ball Handle: 42

Speed with Ball: 25

Defense/ Rebounding

Interior: 73

Perimeter: 55

Steal: 26

Block: 92

Offensive Rebound: 88

Defensive Rebounding: 92


Speed: 73

Acceleration: 58

Strength: 85

Vertical: 80

Stamina: 92


See the future and Stuff blocks

Best Centre Badges

As this is a very defensive build the defensive badges are the difference between good and great. For Tier 1 it’s best to get Challenger, interceptor, and Work Horse. Intcerpetor is a good one to have for clogging up the lane on defense which you’ll have to do a lot off of pick and rolls.

On Tier 2, Boxout Beast should be your first focus as this will help your rebounding, I tend to get this to gold or silver. Chase Down Artist is an excellent tool for blocking shots so HOF this.

For tier 3 you will need Anchor, Brick Wall and Rebound Chaser. You style of play will probably make the difference in what level you get them to but these are the three that you need. Core the anchor badge to become a defensive pest for the entirety of the game.

Finishing is just as important as defence so these are also key badges. For tier 1, Fearless Finisher, Limitless Takeoff, and Slithery are the essentials. Those are three to get almost regardless of your position as they’re OP from my experience.

For tier 2, get Backdown Punisher to make the most of mismatches and Posterizer. At Tier 3, Bully badge is a must along with Rise up and Masher. I tend to core the Bully Badge and get that to gold.

Playmaking badges are less useful as you have so few slots but these can be good to have in a pinch. Break Starter is the only ESSENTIAL one as you’ll use it a lot coming off of defensive rebounds. Bail Out can help you pass the ball out of tricky layups while the rest are up to you.

A lot of the standard shooting badges are the ones to go with here. Limitless Range, Deadeye, Green Machine, Volume Shooter etc. Middy Magician is the only change from most setups as bigs tend to be in that area for shots more often than most.

Best Point Guard Build Play Style

This is quite the throwback big build. It is a monster on the glass that will be in contention for DPOY in the right hands. Close to the rim you will become and efficient scorer with putbacks and dunks becoming a key part of your arsenal. I’d recommend becoming an expert at grabbing rebounds with this build as they’re a great way to build up defensive badge points and easy A teammate grades fot a nice VC boost.

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That is all for this NBA 2K24 best centre build for old gen/current gen consoles. Did we omit anything? Is there any other content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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