Brotato Well-Rounded Build Guide

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Our latest guide for Brotato takes a look at the best well-rounded build to use in the game. Like every other archetype, the well-rounded character comes with its own pros and cons that have to be worked around in order to succeed. In this guide, I will be detailing how to build on its strengths and minimise its weaknesses.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Brotato Well-Rounded Build Walkthrough

Character Type

This character isn’t given a huge amount of buffs and debuffs like some later characters are. It gets +5 Max HP, +5% to speed, and +8 to harvesting. It gets no negative effects but no other positives.


This build starts with a pretty bare-bones Pistol. Pair this up with an SMG early on to clear out enemies using high-paced range attacks while picking off some closer enemies with the pistol.


Since this build is focusing on guns it’s best to increase your ranged attack abilities and damage %. I would also focus on increasing attack speed so your pistol transforms from a neat addition to your arsenal into a dangerous machine.

With those three being focused on the rest of your improvements can go towards any one of Max HP, HP Regen, defense, or harvesting.


Beating a run with the Well-Rounded build will unlock a Potato, yep a potato. This is a great item to have as it has the following buffs:

  • +3 Max HP
  • + HP Regen
  • +1% Life Steal
  • +3% Damage
  • +3% Speed
  • +3% Dodge
  • +1 Armor
  • +5 Luck

With all of those benefits and no negatives, this is an item that you can bring on almost every run of the game going forward.

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That is all for this Brotato well-rounded build guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Brotato content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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