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This Sengoku Dynasty water guide aims to detail how to gather water in the city building game. The title is currently in Early Access over on Steam and mixes city building and resource gathering with a historical setting in feudal Japan. Water is one of the main things that has left people stumped so I have put together this Sengoku Dynasty water guide.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Sengoku Dynasty Water How To

The Steps

The first thing to do is build a Small Well. Then you’ll need to have a Woodworking Table. You will use the woodworking table to make buckets. Once everything is in place you should assign a villager to collect water from the well to automate the process of collecting water.

Build a Well

There are well’s scattered throughout the map but if you want a constant source of water then build your own well in the village.

The resources required to build a well are 1x Log, 4x Plank, and 5x Stones. To get a plank you will need a Woodcutter’s hut to cut wood into the seperate planks.

Woodworking Table

Once you have a well you’ll need a way to draw the water from it. The first step to doing that is to get a woodworking table inside the woodcutter’s hut. This can be found in the building menu in the house buildings, furniture, production building’s furniture section.

To create this table you will need to have 2x Logs and 4x Planks before placing it in the woodcutter’s hut.

Make Buckets

Using the newly made table you can now make buckets. These will take 2 planks each and can be made at the woodcutter table.

Assign A Villager

Anytime you use a bucket in the well you will acquire 5 water. This can be done manually by the player but it is much better to automate the process by delegating this job to villagers. Put the buckets in dynasty storage and assign the well to the well to ensure you get a constant flow of water in your village.

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That is all for this Sengoku Dynasty water guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other content you’d like to see form us? Be sure to chime in and let us know!

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