How Does Mass Collect Work in Techtonica?

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The Mass Collect feature can be unlocked later in Techtonica but its vague description and unintuitive design have left some players confused as to what exactly it is for and how it works. In this article, I will discuss how Mass Collect works in Techtonica and explain some of the misconceptions that users may have. The title has just launched on Early Access over on Steam so be sure to check it out

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Hot to Use Mass Collect in Techtonica

How Mass Collect Works

You’re given the relatively vague instruction to press and hold ‘E’ to bring up the range of effect and hit ‘E’ again when you have everything lined up as you want. The idea is that this will collect everything within the range indicated when you hold the ‘E’ button.

For many, this hasn’t actually worked and they’ve been left wondering if they did something wrong. Here’s the solution to your problem.

What Mass Collect Works On

What isn’t explicitly outlined is that mass collect isn’t intended to be used out in the field to collect a range of resources at once, which is what many players thought it was for. It is actually a collector of produced resources from your own machines.

This means that Mass Collect can only work on your own creations, which is why many players have experienced it not working properly. It is designed to make things a little easier for the player in the eventuality that they forget what machine produces what item and prevents them from having to look around one by one to find what they need.

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That is all for this article on the Mass Collect feature in Techtonica, did we omit anything? Is there any other Techtonica content you’d like to see from us. Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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