Stardew Valley: Best Crops Per Season

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This guide to Stardew Valley best crops per season aims to help you plan out your approach for each of the four seasons in the game as different seeds and crops are available based on the time of year, some are also better than others as far as making money is concerned so let’s dive right into what’s best for you.

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Stardew Valley Best Crops Per Season Walkthrough


Green Bean

At a cost of just 60 gold, the Green Bean offers a great investment if planted early in the season. It takes 10 days to mature initially but will reproduce new crops every 3 days thereafter which can be sold for anywhere between 40 and 80 gold.


Like the green bean, strawberries will continue to produce after maturing. It takes 8 days to grow initially and then produces a new strawberry every 4 days afterwards. You can buy the seeds for 100 gold and each strawberry can be sold for between 120-240 gold.


This is a single-yield seed but has a high enough sales price to make things worth it. Seeds cost just 80 gold and mature in 12 days. You can then sell each one for between 175 and 350 gold.


Good for getting quick money potatoes mature in just 6 days. Seeds cost 50 gold and can then be sold for anywhere between 80 ad 160 gold.



While the coffee bean is a favourite of many in the summer it isn’t always a guarantee you can get it so I prefer to go with the blueberry. This takes 13 days to mature initially so it benefits greatly if you stock up and plant them on day 1. After maturing they produce berries every 4 days which can be sold for between 50 and 100 gold.


A single-yield, high selling price item is perfect for Stardew Valley. Melon seeds cost 80 gold and take 12 days to mature but they retail for a minimum of 250 gold


This is more likely to be a year 2 investment but it is one worth noting. They cost 400 gold just to obtain the seeds and take 13 whole days to mature. They then sell for anywhere between 750 and 1,500 gold.



Cranberries are almost a cheat code with how effective they are. They cost 240 gold and take 7 days to mature but they regrow every 5 days thereafter and can be sold for between 75 and 150 gold apiece.


Pumpkins are key to money laundering in Stardew Valley and more than deserve a spot on this list of the Stardew Valley best crops per season. Seeds cost 100 gold and they take 13 days to mature but they can be sold for a minimum of 320 gold. If you put a Pumpkin through a keg you can also sell the produce for 720 gold apiece so it may be smart to stock up on Kegs before the fall.


To sustain yourself in winter you will need a greenhouse. If planned right you can consistently have a crop producing items in your greenhouse throughout the winter and it is:

Ancient Fruit

Anytime you get your hands on an ancient seed take it to the greenhouse where it will take 28 days to mature but fear not as it will regrow every 7 days. Meaning that once a week throughout the winter you’ll have an output that can be sold for a minimum of 550 gold.

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That is all for this guide for the Stardew Valley best crops per season. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Stardew Valle content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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