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In this article, I will be diving into the hit mod Stardew Valley expanded for ConcernedApe’s massive indie hit farming simulator. Stardew Valley absolutely exploded on Nintendo Switch and Steam, becoming one of the most beloved titles in the genre. Stardew Valley expanded offers even seasoned players a bigger, newer experience.

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Stardew Valley Expanded Explained

Stardew Valley Expanded is an entirely fanmade mod that well..expands the game. Not just in a literal sense, it adds a lot of depth to an already loaded experience.

While Stardew Valley expanded makes the map a lot bigger it doesn’t do so at the detriment of the game. It adds new locations, characters, and even another farm to Pelican Town. These characters come with their own unique personalities to discover by befriending them, and maybe even marrying them.

This mod is so good nobody would bat an eyelid if you told them it was official DLC, it seamlessly blends into the base game as if written and created by ConcerneApe.

The mod even goes as far as to add new fish, forage-ables, and even recipes to make the in-game experience deeper whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran of Stardew Valley.

If any of this appeals to you, head on over to check out the mod and add it today!

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That is all for this Stardew Valley Expanded explained piece. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Stardew Valley content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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