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The next chapter in Star Wars games will come from Ubisoft. Star Wars Outlaws will put gamers in the boots of a scoundrel making her way through the galaxy. Set in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, gamers have a variety of things to look forward to.

Although not much has been released about the new game, there are promising signs that should be building excitement for gamers. Why should gamers be excited about the new release? Let’s dive in.

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Star Wars Outlaws: Why Should We Be Excited? 

Open World 

Star Wars has a vast universe that has been flushed out through movies, television shows, video games, comics, and other media. Gamers will have an opportunity to explore a variety of planets in Outlaws as they work for a variety of characters throughout the game.

Although what planets will be explorable has not been released yet, Ubisoft seems to be building up quite a bit of explorable territory with Outlaws. The game has plenty of role-playing-game elements which lend well to a big explorable area. The Star Wars universe will be a giant sandbox for gamers to explore and decide how they want to carry out their business.

Although having multiple planets to explore is not a new feature of a Star Wars game by any means, we have not seen a truly open-world Star Wars game in quite some time. The last closest comparison would be the acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic series. The only other open-world option would be the MMORPG – The Old Republic, which is exclusive to PC. The Jedi Fallen Order and Survivor games offered some open-world elements, it was not a full-on open-world game. Console gamers will finally get a taste of open-world Star Wars gameplay with Outlaws.

RPG Elements 

The last two Star Wars AAA releases were considered RPGs. Although they were in the RPG category, gamers didn’t exactly have a choice on which side of the force they fell on. The main character Cal Kestis stays loyal to the Jedi Order and fights the inquisitors who serve the Empire.

Although you will be a scoundrel in Outlaws, there will at least be some flexibility in how you carry out your missions. It may not be as in-depth as Knights of the Old Republic or Force Unleashed where gamers had a gauge that showed how far on the light or dark side they have fallen, but there appears to at least be some choices in how gamers finish out contracts.

Hopefully, Outlaws will also have multiple paths and ways that missions end along with different dialogue options as is commonly seen in RPGs. This would push the RPG element event further and add more layers of replayability for the game. This again is something that has been missing in console Star Wars games since the days of Knights of the Old Republic and Force Unleashed.

Play as a Scoundrel

As much as everyone loves Jedi and Sith, scoundrels have a lot to offer in the Star Wars universe. The last time a scoundrel was even an option in a Star Wars game was Knights of the Old Republic. Although it was a playable character class, it didn’t give gamers the full feeling of smuggling cargo across the galaxy for the highest bidder.

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One of the most recognizable and beloved Star Wars characters is Han Solo, who is a scoundrel himself. Although he is not a playable character (at least as far as we know), who knows if we will come across the famous scoundrel alongside Chewbacca in The Millenium Falcon? He is certainly alive in the period of Star Wars history and would make a fun cameo in Star Wars Outlaws.

Cautious Optimism: Star Wars Outlaws 

The last two Star Wars single-player games were well received but were not without their issues. Jedi Surivior launched with quite a few bugs that made the game unplayable in some cases. Luckily Fallen Order and Survivor did not include microtransactions, a trend that would be great to see continued in the next round of Star Wars games.

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Although not much has been released about the game, Star Wars, RPG, and action gamers should all be excited for the release of Star Wars Outlaws.

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