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Nova Lands is a charming sim that mixes together multiple different styles of play. One of these is crafting as making new materials is essential to progression in the game. One element of crafting that has left people stumped is the Plasteel Ingot which has a tricky final ingredient required to make it. In this guide, I will detail what that missing ingredient is. The game is available over on Steam.

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Plasteel Ingot Missing Ingredient

The final ingredient to make Plasteel isn’t found by defeating any enemy or improving any other method of production. Sadly, the game doesn’t offer many hints as to what you’re actually supposed to do to find the missing ingredient but some have figured out the trick.

The final missing ingredient for the Plasteel Ingot is a Lizard Scale, this can be gotten from the Animal Barn, providing you’ve got one, and processing the Scortixas. With the scales in hand and the two other ingredients already acquired, you will now be able to make Plasteel.

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That is all for this missing ingredient guide for the Plasteel Ingot in Nova Lands. Is there anything we left out? Is there any other Nova Lands content you’d like to see? If so be sure to let us know and we hope this guide helped!

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