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Welcome, fellow Hunters, to a guide showcasing a devastating PvE build for the Strand subclass in Destiny 2. In this build, we will harness the power of the exotic Strand auto rifle, Quicksilver Storm, the legendary solar trace rifle, Retraced Path, the legendary strand heavy machine gun, Circular Logic, and the exotic helmet, Crytarachne’s Façade. By combining the might of these weapons with strategic strand fragments and mods, we will create a build that maximizes elemental damage and dominates the battlefield. Prepare to unleash the fury of the strands!

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Strand Hunter Build PVE for Destiny 2


Exotic Strand Auto Rifle: Quicksilver Storm

The Quicksilver Storm is an exotic auto rifle that harnesses the essence of the strands. Its unique perk, Rocket Tracers, allows you to enable a homing micro-rocket after landing a few hits. With the catalyst enabled, you have the strand element unlocked “Nano-Entanglement”. Your grenade kills with this weapon will now generate tangles, synergizing perfectly with this build. 

Legendary Solar Trace Rifle: Retraced Path

Retraced Path is a legendary solar trace rifle that specializes in dealing sustained damage to enemies. Its beam intensifies the longer it stays focused on a target, making it an excellent choice for melting bosses and high-priority targets.

Legendary Strand Heavy Machine Gun: Circular Logic

Circular Logic is a legendary strand heavy machine gun that combines versatility and raw firepower. With high impact and sustained damage, it excels at tearing through tough enemies, making it an essential part of this build.


Exotic Helmet: Crytarachne’s Façade

Crytarachne’s Façade is an exotic helmet designed specifically for the Strand subclass. Its unique perk, Acrobats Focus, gives you woven mail when grappling and enhances your flinch resistance. Combined with the proper fragments and mods, you can have infinite woven mail and grapple energy!

Strand Fragments

Thread of Transmutation: This fragment grants you tangles on weapon final blows if woven mail is active, allowing you to decimate waves of enemies and bosses alike.

Thread of Fury: This fragment gives you melee energy as you damage enemies with tangles. With your exotic grenades and weapon final blows giving you tangles, your melee energy will always be up as well.

Thread of Warding: This fragment grants woven mail with every orb of power pickup, making you more resilient against enemy attacks, even in the heat of battle. As well as keeping that woven mail buff active.

Thread of Generation: This fragment gives you grenade energy as you deal damage. This ensures your grapple energy is always ready to grant you woven mail.


Strand Weapon Surges: This mod amplifies the damage of your strand weapons, making them even deadlier against your foes.

Font of Focus: After collecting an orb of power, this mod boosts your grenade ability cooldown, amplifying the destructive potential of your grapple attacks/woven mail buff.

Strand Siphon: This mod grants orbs of power after strand weapon final blows. Granting your strand weapon buffs and cooldown buffs.

Charged Up: This mod decreases the cooldown of your grenade ability, providing you with more opportunities to utilize devastating grenade attacks against your enemies.

Elemental Charge Mods: Equip mods that align with the elemental damage type you are currently using to further augment the potency of your abilities.

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Resilience: Prioritize resilience to enhance your durability, allowing you to withstand incoming damage and stay in the fight for longer periods.

Discipline: Focus on discipline to reduce the cooldown of your grenades, enabling more frequent and devastating grenade attacks as well as keeping your woven mail active.

Playstyle and Strategy

This build capitalizes on the versatility of the Strand subclass and the devastating power of elemental attacks. Begin encounters by activating your Super ability, benefiting from the extended duration and increased damage provided by the Thread of Ascent fragment. Use this opportunity to clear waves of enemies and charge your abilities.

Employ the Quicksilver Storm auto rifle, using the grenades and tangles to proc your thread abilities. Use your grapple to proc woven mail and stay alive. If your grenade ability is down, switch to the Retraced Path solar trace rifle. Focus on maintaining a steady beam on the target to intensify the damage over time and bring them down swiftly to generate further grenade energy.

For crowd control and sustained damage, unleash the Circular Logic strand heavy machine gun. Its high impact and sustained fire will make short work of enemies and keep the battlefield under your control.

Make the most of your grenade ability, benefiting from the exotic helmet and fragments. Use it to quickly evade dangerous situations, reposition yourself, and maintain your survivability.


Embrace the power of the Strand subclass and the destructive force of elemental abilities with this potent PvE build. By wielding the Quicksilver Storm, Retraced Path, and Circular Logic alongside Crytarachne’s Façade, you will become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. With strategic use of strand fragments, mods, and a focus on resilience and discipline, your enemies will tremble in the face of your elemental fury. Good luck, Guardian!

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