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When it comes to dominating the Crucible in Destiny 2, the Hunter class has always excelled in mobility, precision, and evasive maneuvers. In this guide, we will explore a potent Void subclass PvP build for Hunters that leverages the power of the exotic hand cannon Malfeasance, the legendary void hand cannon Targeted Redaction, and the exotic boots Lucky Pants. This build focuses on synergizing various void fragments, such as Echo of Domineering, Starvation, Persistence, and Undermining, while prioritizing the activation of kinetic weapon surges for devastating results.

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Hunter PvP Build Guide for Destiny 2

Subclass: Way of the Pathfinder (Nightstalker)

Grenade Ability: Vortex/or Suppression Grenade | Jump Ability: Triple Jump | Dodge Ability: Marksman’s Dodge

Exotic Armor: Lucky Pants

Weapon Loadout

Kinetic Slot: Malfeasance (Exotic Hand Cannon)

  • Malfeasance excels in PvP due to its exotic perk, “Explosive Shadow,” which causes five precision hits to detonate the target and nearby enemies. This perk is incredibly potent against Guardians, making it a perfect choice for this build.

Energy Slot: Targeted Redaction (Legendary Void Hand Cannon) W/ Well Rounded and Destabilizing rounds

  • This hand cannon’s final blows will cause nearby foes to become volatile. Synergizing perfectly with your void subclass.

Armor Mods

  1. Kinetic Siphon + Targeting  (Helmet)
    • Enhances your kinetic weapon targeted and procs orbs of power on multikills.
  2. Kinetic/Void Loader (Gauntlets)
    • Allows for quick reloads for your hand cannons
  3. Unflinching Kinetic/Void Aim (Chest)
    • Allows for you to rapidly land malfeasance shots without worrying about flinch.
  4. Kinetic Weapon Surge + Kinetic/Void Holster (Legs)
    • Grants bonus damage to malfeasance while reloading your stowed hand cannon..


  1. Domineering
    • Defeating a suppressed target grants a void breach, increased mobility, and reloads equipped weapon.
  2. Starvation 
    • Picking up a void breach grants an orb of power.
  3. Persistence
    • Void buffs having extended duration (includes devour, overshield, and invisibility).
  4. Undermining
    • Void grenades weaken your targets.


  1. Engagements:
    • Start engagements by utilizing your Targeted Redaction hand cannon for quick and accurate shots, allowing you to capitalize on the weapon’s stability and handling benefits.
    • Use your dodge ability (Marksman’s Dodge) to reload your hand cannon instantly, ensuring you always have the upper hand in one-on-one engagements.
    • Prioritize using your Vortex/Suppression Grenade in chokepoints or to cut off enemy escape routes, punishing opponents who dare to challenge your territory.
    • Activate your melee ability when opponents are slowed or frozen, and switch to malfeasance to melt targets.
    • Utilize your smoke bomb strategically to disorient and confuse enemies, allowing you to reposition or escape unfavorable encounters.

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This Void Hunter PvP build provides an arsenal of potent abilities and weapons that synergize well together, allowing you to dominate the Crucible with precision, agility, and devastating void-based attacks. By leveraging the power of Malfeasance and Targeted Redaction, combined with the Lucky Pants exotic boots, you’ll maintain a formidable presence on the battlefield. Incorporating fragments such as Echo of Domineering, Starvation, Persistence, and Undermining enhances your lethality, mobility, and survivability. Master this build, and you’ll become an unstoppable force in Destiny 2’s PvP arena. Good luck, Guardian!

For more on Destiny 2 builds, tune in to LWOG for my weekly blog posts! If build creation is starting to overwhelm you try the online D2 Armor Picker. Destiny 2 Armor Picker is a simple armor min-max tool by Mijago. This tool allows you to select the optimal armor from your inventory and vault to satisfy your build needs without having to look at every stat in game.

Or try the Destiny Item Maker. Another great hub to manage all your Destiny 2 builds and materials without having to boot up the game.

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