Amnesia The Bunker All Endings Guide

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This Amnesia The Bunker endings guide will talk you through how to achieve every possible ending in the game and what that ending changes from the others. There aren’t many steps this time around and the endings can all be complete with simple changes, unlike some other titles in the horror genre.

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Amnesia The Bunker Endings


This isn’t a game ending of sorts but missteps or poor choices can lead to the player dying and “ending” the game before experiencing the full story. While not a finale of any sorts it is worth noting that this is a kind of ending you can experience in Amnesia The Bunker. There is a specific cutscene in the final level where falling into a deep abyss until you land on train tracks and get hit by a train for a rather distinct ending.


The player’s choices can lead you down two paths, one of which sees you stay in the bunker and face the consequences of what has happened.


This is the end result of the choice to escape the bunker. The player runs from what has happened and never looks back.

Kill The Beast

In this ending you escape the cave and see soldiers swarm the entrance. It is likely they heard the commotion and will find the carcass of the beast.

Don’t Kill The Beast

If you simply escape the beats but don’t manage to kill it then you will still escape the cave and fall into a puddle, however the beast will also emerge from the cave in a rage. It runs to the side and starts getting followed by soldiers who are in for the fight of their lives.

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That is all for this Amnesia the Bunker endings guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other AtB content you would like to see from us?

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