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This Chants of Sennaar endings guide will talk you through every ending and how to get it. Chants of Sennaar is an artistic, puzzle adventure game that has wowed people over on Steam.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Chants of Sennaar Enginds Walkthrough

“Bad” Ending

After reaching the end-game just head to the tower as directed and finish the game with the default ending. In this, you intentionally ignore the advice to unite the people fo the tower and just get the standard ending. While nothing bad happens, it could be considered the bad ending.

True Ending

When it’s time to head to the tower you will instead heed your friend’s advice and reunite the people of the tower. This is a lengthy process that involves opening all of the Hidden Gates and then linking inhabitants via portals.

Abbey Gate

Go to the Abbey and go to the garden, in the top section just to the left there is an entrance slightly hidden by the fountain and some plants. There is a purple hidden gate in here that you can open once you acquire the key from the Anchorite.

Go to the control panel in the room past the purple gate and solve the glyphs they should be ‘preacher, look, potion, potion’ and use the control panel in the next room to shut down the rogue intelligence that’s causing issues.

Fortress Gate

For the Fortress hidden gate you will go to the first room you visited here, the one with revolving statues, and go through a gate in the foreground on the right side.

There will be another control panel with Glyphs to solve, this time they should be ‘Plural, warrior, carry, vessel’. You’ll need stealth in the next room to bypass the guard by using the block in the middle to hide until it turns. Once again, use the control panel to shut down the rogue intelligence.

Garden Gate

This one is located in the sewers underneath the theatre. There is a room with multiple exits, one ahead, one to the right and one to the left, take the path to the left this time.

The control panel to be solved will this time have glyphs saying ‘Theatre, bard, plural, go’. In the next room you’ll have to be stealthy again as there is not one but two guard patrolling the area. The key to survival is following one guard until it’s time to turn a corner and then use the brief window they’re turning to make it out of eyesight.

Turn off the Exile again despite it insisting to stay alive.

Laboratories Gate

This is the final gate needed. It is found near the library in a tricky location, you may need to look up other guides for photographic info of where to go for this one. On the screen just before the library itself there’s a flight of stairs going down towards the left of the library. Take these stairs and you’ll see the entrance to the gate.

The glyph puzzle will be ‘6, book, plural’. This leads into the toughest stealth section yet with three guards patrolling although the method of survival remains the same as you wait for guards to turn away to make your move.

Turn off the exile one final time and you’re ready for the next step.

Reunite the Tower

You now need to follow through on the advice of reuniting the inhabitants of the tower. To do this, you’ll have to go through the portals and have conversations by translating the glyphs.

These are the translations:

  • Abbey: Alchemist – You help me/ plant plural dead/ me not want plant plural dead
    • Devotee – Me Help you/ Me Makes Potion
  • Fortress: Devotee – Devotee Devotee not pass/ Devotee devotee not make music
    • Guardian – Plural impure make music
    • Devotee – Warrior Warrior love music
  • Fortress 2: Guardian – Plural scientist want help impure/ Plural scientist fear/ plural scientist not want death
    • Alchemist – Warrior plural not fear monster/ Warrior plural help alchemist plural
  • Gardens: Bard – Human me greetings
    • Devotee – me me not man man/ me me not free
    • Bard – Free abbey be/ Abbey plural you go
  • Labs: Alchemist – Me seek brother plural/ warrior plural not brother plural
    • Bard – Book me find/ Brother plural me plural be
    • Alchemist – Me plural brother plural
  • Labs 2: Bard – Music warrior plural love/ fortress bard go
    • Warrior – Plural Chosen carry plural instrument/ plural chosen love make music/ plural chosen go fortress


If all of the previous elements have been done correctly then you will unlock the following achievements, this is a good way of knowing if you’re on the correct course:

  • Feels like Springtime
  • Open Door
  • For its own good
  • Free at last
  • Alchemists Express
  • A link to the past
  • A great audience

Next Steps

Now you have to do some gameplay stuff! Attempt to use the gate leading to the top of the tower and get attacked by two guards. Wake up atop the tower anyway and interact with the altar.

You will be told you’ve reached the end but if you leave the game running our character will slowly come back into focus.

Try to interact with the door but as the entire world has been glitched it won’t open so go back and find your friend who you played hide and seek with to start the game, this will allow you to clear the river which was previously unpassable.

Go into a newly discovered underground area under the fortress and go to the control panel to solve another glyph puzzle. It should ready ‘Plural, impure, make, music’.

Pass the bard in the next area and find a token near the pool which can be returned to the bard, go to the lift and refind your friend from earlier to go into the theatre.

The theatre will now have tombstones and the same play will happen, just with a much different tone. After the play, go backstage for another glyph puzzle which will have ‘Brother, idiot, bard, found’ as the solution.

For the Abbey’s glyph puzzle you’ll need to backtrack to a mural in one of the earlier rooms to see the full picture. The solution once you’ve found the mural is ‘Alchemist Plural Make Formula’. As soon as this gate is opened you will be chased so be ready.

Go through the maze after running from the monster and use the lever at the dead end to take care of it.

After killing the monster you will wake up back in reality to head to the top of the tower. Interact with the monolith atop the tower and achieve the full ending.

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That is all for this Chants of Sennaar endings guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Chants of Sennaar content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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