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The System Shock remake has been going down a treat over on Steam. A core part of the gameplay is puzzle solving, be it for junction boxes or for finding codes to activate doors and systems. In this System Shock codes guide, I will be detailing how to find each code you’ll come across.

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System Shock Codes


This is found on a flash drive with a very visible “new code” message. This code is 451.


This is a randomly generated code that can be learned by listening to the “many paths” audio log in the northeastern corridor.

Robot Maintenance

In the southwestern section of the map you will have to find a USB drive containing the code to the Robot Maintenance doors.

Safety Override Code

To acquire this code go to the research lab and use the Cyberspace Terminal to destroy a blockade. Once that is done and you have destroyed a blockade you can exit the terminal to see the code on one of the screens.

Storage 9 Code

You will only be given 2 of the 3 numbers for this code, with the middle one being a system of trial and error. To get the other numbers you will have to find and listen to the Environmental Protection Pack (found in storage 6) and the Stashed Pack (found in the central area) to get the numbers.

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Relay Analyzer Code

This is one of the other codes that doesn’t appear to be randomly generated, every time I’ve played and everything I’ve read agrees that this one is 428.

Casino Code

This code is located on a screen next to the elevator used to travel from Maintenance.

Lifepods Code

The lifepod code is 001.

That is all for our System Shock codes guide. If we have left anything out please be sure to let us know.

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