System Shock Remake Junction Box Puzzle Solution

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The System Shock remake has been flying off the metaphorical shelves but many players have run into issues solving some of the game’s puzzles. The Junction Box Puzzle is one such are causing some pause among those who have the game. In this article, I will be detailing a solution to the Junction Box puzzle in the System Shock Remake.

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Junction Box Puzzle Solution

Types of Puzzle

There are two types of Junction Box that you will come across in System Shock. First are the Connection puzzles, the others are Power puzzles which are somewhat more tricky.

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How to Solve Connection Puzzles

In these, there are two square red lights that need to be connected. Your goal is to connect the wires in this box to connect the light that is already shining to one that isn’t shining.

I’d recommend setting up a path coming out of the shining light first and then create a path of access for the other light, then fill in the middle as you’ll have a better indication of how to get from Point A to Point B after that.

How to Solve Power Puzzles

With these puzzles, you’re aiming to directly route electricity through different inputs while using up just enough electricity to keep the battery at an optimal level, which will be indicated by two blue marks on a metre located around the edges of the box.

Focus on taking this one bar at a time and linking things up one by one as taking on too much could see you getting ahead of yourself. Put each plug into an available gap to see what lines of electricity it creates before deciding which to focus on first.

That is all for our Junction Box Puzzle solutions guide for the System Shock Remake. Let us know what other System Shock content you would like to see.

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