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Knowing the Darkest Dungeon 2 characters can be the difference between victory and defeat as you try and put together the best team possible in the new Steam hit. Some characters are available from the very beginning while others have to be unlocked during the game at the Altar of Hope.

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Darkest Dungeon 2 Characters

Available at Start


One of the base units this is a strong attacking damage-dealer to have on the team. This unit can be used in melee or ranged situations making it a versatile offensive weapon.


Another base unit this one is focused on defense. It can block some damage and defensively buff teammates making it an essential part of any team

Plague Doctor

The healer of the group. As the doctor levels up it becomes an even more powerful unit to have on hand with its array of buffs.

Grave Robber

More of a ranged unit to begin with but can adopt melee skills over time when levelling up. The Grave Robber rounds out the base units and fills in any gaps the others may leave.



Another heavy damage-dealer, this time with very little weakness. The Hellion can almost single-handedly replace the Grave Robber and the Highwayman in your team.


The Runaway can become a very powerful unit thanks to its firey abilities. Setting enemies on fire is as good a way as any to get a win and the runaway can do that in a number of ways.


The Jester is quite the funky unit as it has a lot of different moves to throw off the opposition but it constantly moves around meaning it can mess up the flow of your team if you don’t plan around all of its movements.


If used properly the Leper can be a real powerhouse for your team. It starts with blindness effects however which means you will need to be strategic with your movements in order to make the most of its powers.

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This can be a very hit or miss spellcaster. The occultist requires a good player to make the most of its skills but can be replaced by a more consistent unit if needs be.


The Vestal has take many different directions as it progresses making it a very mixed unit that doesn’t offer much consistency unless you consistently make the right moves.

Bounty Hunter

A temporary unit that can be hired to join the team. Despite the obvious strength the unit has its temporary nature makes it one that can be left behind later in playthroughs.

That is all for this Darkest Dungeon 2 characters guide. Let us know if we left anything out. Also, chime in with what other DD2 content you’d like to see.

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