How Long is Cassette Beasts?

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How long is Cassette Beasts? That is the question we aim to answer today! Cassette Beasts has quickly gained momentum over on Steam thanks to its charm, art style, and fun gameplay that is reminiscent of titles like Pokemon. Games like this are often as long as a piece of string but this will be a general idea of the length of the game.

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How Long is Cassette Beasts to Beat?

When it comes to game length there are various things to consider. Most games will have a main story that can be kept to which is the shortest method of completion. Others will have added side missions and additional content which ramp up the play time, and then for completionists, it may take twice as long to 100% a game.

So then, how does that effect Cassette Beasts? Well if you just stick to the main story and nothing else then any solid JPRG player should be able to beat Cassette Beasts in roughly eight hours.

However, if you add in the side missions and other arcs that can increase your play time from anywhere in the region of 20 to 25 hours to beat. For full-scale completion and achieving every achievement the game offers you can easily double that last figure to around 50 hours of gameplay to 100% Cassette Beasts.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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