Cassette Beasts Shiny Guide (Bootlegs)

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Cassette Beasts is a new collect em all style game where you catch tapes, fuse them, evolve them, and battle them. Its got a fantastic art style and addictive gameplay which has seen it shoot up the charts on Steam (it will also eventually make its way to console!!). In this article, I will be making a Shiny guide as this game has its own spin on shinies, the bootlegs.

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Shiny Guide (Bootlegs) in Cassette Beasts

Much like in Pokemon, you will occasionally come across a tape in the field that just LOOKS different. Usually, their color scheme will be off and they will be flashing. This is an indication to the player that what they are engaging with is a bootleg/shiny. What’s cool about Cassette Beasts is that the bootlegs are also a different element to the base tape, making it extra special to catch.

This can be a great addition to your party as it allows you to equip stickers to the bootleg that the base tape could never have. In addition, when you have a bootleg in your party it is more likely to earn rare or uncommon stickers, meaning you can grow even more powerful over time by having one on hand. What’s even better is these stickers can be applied to other monsters on your team, meaning a shiny can completely reshape your entire lineup.

That’s about it for our Shiny guide (bootlegs) for Cassette Beasts. Not only are they visually distinct but they offer additional bonuses that makes them worth catching.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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