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Cassette Beasts is a new hit currently gaining momentum over on Steam. The title is reminiscent of Pokemon with the ability to battle, level up, and evolve your team over time. While the game has garnered comparisons to Pokemon, the evolution system is actually more reminiscent of Digimon. That is why I have put together this Cassette Beasts evolution guide to walk you through the process.

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Cassette Beasts Evolution Walkthrough

In Cassette Beasts there isn’t one set path for evolving your beasts. In Pokemon, Pichu becomes Pikachu who becomes Raichu, that doesn’t happen here as one beast can evolve into two different forms. For Example, Traffikrab can become Weevilite or Lobstacle. One being a more attacking-focused creature while the other focuses on defense.

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This system of evolution is more akin to Digimon where your Digimon’s discipline, moves, HP, strength, and other stats dictate which path it follows in evolution.

For Cassette Beasts, the moves you’ve equipped, time of da, and other variables will determine what evolution path your companions take so you should aim to mess around with these things in order to build the strongest team possible.

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This is our look at the Cassette Beasts evolution mechanic, is there anything we have left out or anything you’d like to add? Be sure to let us know!

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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