Best Goalies in Omega Strikers

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Who are the best goalies in Omega Strikers? The free-to-play soccer game has already gained a following over on Steam but as any soccer fan knows, you can play as well as you want but without a top-tier goalkeeper you’re at nothing. That is why I have decided to take a look at the best goalies available in Omega Strikers to help your team succeed.

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Best Goalies to Use in Omega Strikers


Atlas is the elite of the elite when it comes to shot-stoppers in this game. He’s got special abilities that help him fend off strikes and his special will help heal KO’d teammates, so really what’s not to like with this guy.


Asher is a great defender who can activate a barrier to protect the goal and is great when it comes to keeping the ball away from your goal with her specific range of abilities.


Dubu is a defensive block through and through. He’s a bodyguard, and that translates really well to the goalkeeper position in Omega Strikers. His main ability is a strike which can knock back anything in its path, including the one thing he’s trying to keep out of the net.


Kai is a bit more avante-garde as a goalkeeper but hey sometimes offence makes the best defence. He’s got a speed buff ability and some abilities with good range to keep the core away from the goal, he’s like this game’s equivalent of Manuel Neuer.

That is that for our list of the best goalies in Omega Strikers. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses so be sure to play around with them and figure out who fits your playstyle the best.

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