Destiny 2: PVE Hunter Strand Build

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Destiny 2 offers a wide variety of PVE activities that challenge players to take on hordes of enemies and tough bosses. For players who enjoy taking down large groups of enemies with a focus on mobility and speed, the Hunter class is an excellent choice. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring a PVE build for the Hunter class that focuses on Threadlings, utilizing the exotic sidearm Final Warning and the exotic helmet Assassin’s Cowl, along with resilience mods and armor charge mods.

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PVE Hunter Strand Build for Destiny 2


First, let’s take a closer look at Threadlings. These Threadlings are mobile minions that can be summoned with grenades, strand weapons,  abilities, and Strand fragments. When Threadlings are sent onto the battlefield, they only survive a few seconds. In that short lifespan, they will search for enemies, barreling towards them and drain their health. While they are most commonly found in the Warlock Broodweaver subclass, fragments like Thread of Rebirth and Thread of Finality allow any class to create Threadlings (especially hunter ones with assassins cowl). If you have a Threadling-heavy build, the Thread of Evolution fragment empowers Threadlings, helping them travel farther and deal extra damage upon impact while giving a +10 boost to intellect.

Primary Weapon: 

With your threadlings maxed out in distance and damage let’s add a synergy to that with the exotic strand sidearm, Final Warning. This sidearm includes auto-tracking projectiles that can lock onto enemies and Unravel them when they hit. This combined with your newly upgraded threadlings will cause absolute chaos on the field. With its high damage output and fast reload speed, Final Warning is an excellent choice for taking down groups of enemies quickly.


To complement Final Warning, we’ll be using the exotic helmet Assassin’s Cowl. This helmet’s unique perk, Recuperation, grants health regeneration upon defeating an enemy with a melee attack. This pairs well with the Hunter’s strand melee ability and thread of finality, allowing you to keep your health up while dealing massive damage up close, giving unraveling rounds to the final warning, and creating powerful threadlings with each finisher.

Mods and Synergy:

Now, let’s talk about the mods that will complement this exotic gear. Resilience mods increase your Hunter’s resilience, making it easier to absorb damage and stay in the fight. This is important when facing off against large groups of enemies. Armor charge mods reduce the cooldown time for your class abilities, as well as passive boosts to your stats allowing you to use your abilities more often. These mods also increase stats and higher strand damage output. This pairs well with the Hunter’s ability to dodge and quickly move around the battlefield, potentially invisible with an overshield and plenty of buffs. This makes it easier to avoid enemy fire and get into position for a devastating attack.

When putting together your armor and mod loadout for this build, focus on resilience mods and armor charge mods. Use the Assassin’s Cowl helmet to take advantage of its Recuperation perk and focus on melee attacks to regenerate health. Use Final Warning to quickly take down groups with unraveling rounds, while finishing any enemies and creating powerful threadlings with constant ability up time. For more on Destiny 2 builds, tune in to LWOG for my weekly blog posts! If build creating is starting to overwhelm you try the online D2 Armor Picker. Destiny 2 Armor Picker is a simple armor min-max tool by Mijago. This tool allows you to select the optimal armor from your inventory and vault to satisfy your build needs without having to look at every stat in game.

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