MLB The Show 23: Best PCI Guide

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MLB The Show 23 offers a multitude of options to modify gameplay to suit your level. It can be tricky for new players to find the perfect setting. PCI, short for Plate Coverage Indicator, is one of these options. This is MLB The Show 23: Best PCI Guide.

How to Get the Best PCI in MLB 23

Let’s start with the basics. What does a Plate Coverage Indicator do? It helps the player visualize their swing when you’re using the zone-hitting interface. Especially in combination with Guess Pitch, this can be a great asset to your gameplay. However, even for experienced players, the options of the PCI can be overwhelming. It takes time to get used to batting in MLB The Show in the first place. So don’t be worried if your batting averages are not great from the get-go.

First and foremost, PCI settings come down to player preference. If you’re a beginner in MLB The Show, it’s best to start with the default settings. It’s a very good place to start from. If you’re missing something from the PCI, try changing one thing at a time. There are a lot of options so try to stay structured, so you don’t lose sight of all the changes you’ve made.

My Personal Settings

  • PCI Anchor: Free
  • PCI Anchor Reset: Batter
  • PCI Center: Bat
  • PCI Inner: Wedge
  • PCI Outer: Reverb
  • PCI Color: Yellow
  • PCI Transparency: 70%
  • PCI Fade out: None

This is my personal preference. I typically have issues spotting whether pitches are in the zone or not. I chase a lot of pitches out of the zone, these settings help me spot pitches better. The great thing about MLB The Show is its near-endless customizability. There are so many options available to tailor your experience. There is no harm in testing a setting and reverting to default if you don’t like it.

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