How to Hit Better in MLB the Show 23

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With the release of MLB: The Show 23 (available from retailers like Gamestop) comes a rush to be the best and come to terms with the new tweaks to the game’s engine. Whether you’re aiming to bring a team to glory or to become a top batter in Road to The Show you need to be able to score runs. That is why I have put together this guide on how to hit better in MLB: The Show 23

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How to Hit Better Guide for MLB The Show 23


Sadly this one is an essential part of baseball, to be a top batter you need to have patience. If you wildly swing at everything the game’s AI will pick up on you pretty quickly and serve up garbage pitches, speaking of garbage pitches that’s our first piece of advice, don’t swing at bad pitches.

It also pays to run up the pitch count and allow the pitcher to put themselves into a corner by throwing too many balls. If you are at one strike and the pitcher has one ball left, you can be confident one of their next two pitches will be in the zone allowing you to plan your attack.


You have access to some very specialised practice zones in this title and I would recommend making the most of it. Learning how to adjust to pitches and find the sweet spot for your swings is essential to becoming a top batter and the detailed practice simulations on hand are perfect for helping with that.

Change Hitting View

Some people prefer a certain view of the pitch to others. It is recommended that you use strike zone or strike zone 2 hitting views as they give you the best chance of tracking where the ball is.

These may not be for you specifically and changing to a view that you prefer can make all the difference.

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