Best Pitches to Use in MLB the Show 23

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With the release of MLB: The Show 23 (available from retailers like Gamestop) comes a rush from players to perfect their art. Some are going to be home run hitting stars, while others will be key pitchers whose arm fires their team to glory. In this article, I will be taking a look at the best pitches to use in MLB 23 for those aiming to pitch their way to glory.

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Best Pitches in MLB The Show 23

Two-Seam Fastball

A fastball is the most trusted tool in any pitchers arsenal. The velocity at which the ball travels can leave the batter with very little time to figure out the best way to make a connection with the ball.

The joy of the two-seam fastball is that it has a bit of curve on it towards the end meaning it isn’t a straight-ahead pitch that the batter can get clean connection with.


When sheer speed isn’t enough to get the job done you have to start looking for pitches that move a lot and throw off a batter. The splitter is a golden option because it does keep a lot of the speed of a fastball but it drops quite quickly, making it harder for batters to get clean connection on their strikes.


As the name may suggest this is a NASTY pitch that has a pretty sharp break at the end of its flight. This one will have batters bamboozled anytime they come up against it and will more than likely lead to an out.

To round out your pitching rotation you can also use a Cutter and Slider to add some variety to your pitches without resorting to easy throws.

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