Best Hitting Settings for MLB the Show 23 Guide

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MLB: The Show 23 has released (available from retailers like Gamestop) and taken the baseball fandom by storm. As always there is a rush to adjust to the new tweaks and features made to the game. For that reason, I have decided to detail the best hitting settings in MLB: The Show 23.

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Best Hitting Settings – MLB The Show: 23

What Settings Are There

For batting in this year’s game there are three different settings to choose from. These are:

  • Zone
  • Direction
  • Timing

These settings are exactly what they say on the tin and have major differences. Zone is the hardest setting and is for seasoned MLB fans. This setting requires you to perfectly predict where the ball is going to land and when to hit it so you can get the best connection.

Directional is slightly more hand-holdy with less potential options to pick from. You have to get the general direction of the pitch down as well as the timing with this one, it is much more forgiving but not quite as exact as the Zone setting.

Timing is the easiest by-far. This takes care of everything for you and leaves you to time your swings properly. The issue with this one is that you will rarely get great this because the contact will never be exact like it is on zones.

What Are the Best Hitting Settings

While it will no doubt come down to your own personal preference at the end of the day, I would recommend everyone use the directional settings. It has a relatively forgiving margin of error but won’t impact your power/contact as much as Timing which won’t be reliable for anyone aiming to be a top tier player unless you specifically build around its weaknesses.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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