DREDGE Infected Fish Guide – What to Do & How it Happens

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By now, most people are familiar with DREDGE. The fishing game mixed with horror elements has proven quite popular since its release. One thing that players have been running into recently is the issue of infected fish, in this guide I will be talking you through how that happens and what to do when a fish has that condition.

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What to Do with Infected Fish in DREDGE

How it Happens

Infection can set in if your ship is attacked by an underwater enemy, which is more likely to happen after your panic gauge has filled completely. You will see a message on screen bout something slithering into your cargo hold. If you check your cargo hold after this you should notice a fish looking quite discolored and it will have the status of infected.

What to do with infected Fish

There is no salvaging an infected catch, in fact, if left for too long the infection can spread to other fish on your ship. The best thing to do is to sell the infected species immediately despite the reduced value it carries.

There’s no way around this issue and really the only way to combat it is precautions like storing or selling high value fish as soon as possible to reduce the chances of infection.

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That is our guide on how to deal with an infected fish are there any other DREDGE guides you want us to make?

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