Dredge Guide: Find Giant Amphipod

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DREDGE has released and immediately flown up the charts as players everywhere take part in the fishing-adventure game that involves catching a number of different species. In this guide, I will take a look at how to find the Giant Amphipod in DREDGE.

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Find Giant Amphipod in DREDGE

Firstly, you should turn on the generator at the Research Outpost to get rid of the monster at the centre of the Stellar Basin. Then, make sure you have acquired the Hadal Rod to catch this type of creature. This particular fish can be caught at day or night so you can make your way to its location at any point, other fish are more timely but this one is not.

In the Stellar Basin, there is a spot in the centre that was previously unexplorable because of the presence of monsters, with the Research Outpost machine clearing the path you can now head into this area to search for the Giant Amphipod.

Scanning for this creature should be relatively easy as it has quite a few legs and the body of a shrimp. Search for this outline in the centre until you can fish for it at which point you should discover the Amphipod.

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That is our guide on how to catch the Giant Amphipod, are there any other DREDGE guides you want us to make?

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