4 Essential Items You Always Need in Hitman: Freelancer

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The addition of Freelancer has rejuvenated Hitman 3. This rogue like game mode tests your ultimate Hitman skills in a string of missions that get harder as you go on. Failing a mission in this mode has the severe consequence of losing the items you had on you. However, there are items you always need for Agent 47. Here are 4 items you always need in Hitman: Freelancer.

We’ve all been there in Hitman: Freelancer. You are preparing your mission and can’t decide which items to bring. Especially in this game mode, preparing your mission is essential. With only limited capacity available, you have to make some crucial decisions. Certainly for beginners, this is tricky.

Essential Items to Have in Hitman: Freelancer

Silenced Pistols

Silenced weapons are of great importance in Hitman, but in freelancer this importance grows even further. Sometimes a target is right in the middle of a crowd and won’t move to a secluded spot. A pistol is great because you won’t need to bring a suitcase with you everywhere you go like snipers and assault rifles. Their accuracy and damage is very good, and you are able to conceal it. It won’t pass frisking, but I’m sure you could find another way past a few guards. Silenced Pistols are also handy for shooting locked doors and taking out CCTV camera’s.

The RNG nature of loot in Freelancer makes life difficult, but a silenced pistol is always near. If you are able to take out an assassin during a showdown, you can pick up their silenced HWK21 Covert. This pistol is one of the best in the game and helps you go a long way on your missions.

Distraction Items

One way of passing guards or other potential witnesses, in Hitman, is through the use of distraction items. From the classic coin to banana’s and Lil’ Flashy to ICA devices. All of them serve their purpose. While you can find most of these items on a mission, it is advantageous to bring them from the start. You never know when it comes in handy. You can find various fruit in the living room of Agent 47’s safe house.

Fun fact: You can even kill people with a banana. If you place a banana peel on the floor, you can take out people by making them slip. Very handy if you identify the loop of your target, be careful that nobody else steps on it first though.

Non-Lethal Melee Weapons

Hammers, Wrenches, Crowbars and most importantly fish. These items are very handy to knock out people who are in your way. In a room with a single guard? Chuck a fish at him and he goes down unnoticed. Sometimes it’s impossible to do a silent takedown, if you’re hiding behind two guards you could throw one of these objects and then take out the next guard in quick succession. Hitman: Freelancer is all about improvising and taking advantage when sudden opportunities like this arise.


Lethal, Emetic, Sedative no matter what kind of poison you have available take it. It will always come in handy. Spiking food and drinks, sabotaging ventilation systems, or stabbing someone with a syringe. One such example is in New York. In the underground parking lot, if you manage to sabotage the ventilation system, you can take out the guards in a nearby security room. Something which certainly gives you a head start.

Preparing your missions in Hitman: Freelancer is very important, but things hardly ever go as planned. You will need to adapt on the fly. Sometimes there is no other option than opening a fire fight to get out alive. However, this list should help you get a start.

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