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DREDGE is a fishing/horror styled game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It has flown up the steam charts and gained popularity thanks to YouTube Let’s Plays. In this article, I will be putting together a list of all quests in DREDGE so you can be sure to complete every main and side mission available in the game.

The game does have some core missions, which will be given detailed descriptions below, while the side missions will also be marked as missions that aren’t necessary to get the game endings, but will help with 100% completion.

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DREDGE All Quests

  • A Fresh Start – Introductory mission
  • The Collector – Main mission of DREDGE, involves delivering 5 relics to a mysterious collector
  • Hermitage – Reconcile the feuding brothers and learn how to destroy debris with explosives
  • Research Assistant – Collect necessary samples for researcher, unlocks access to Halal rod
  • The Bitter End – Help get revenge on Mind Suckers, learns how to create bait
  • Flames of The Deep – Search for fathomless flame and a relic
  • Package Delivery (Side Mission)
  • A Place to Rest (Side Mission)
  • Best Before (Side Mission)
  • Castaway (Side Mission)
  • Caught to Order (Side Mission)
  • Craven Courier (Side Mission)
  • Grotesque Fish (Side Mission)
  • Lost at Sea (Side Mission)
  • Lost Dog (Side Mission)
  • Stone Tablets (Side Mission)
  • Recording Rarities (Side Mission)
  • Figure in:
    • Gold (Side Mission)
    • Blue (Side Mission)
    • Red (Side Mission)
    • Purple (Side Mission)

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That is our listing of all quests in DREDGE, are there any other DREDGE guides you want us to make?

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