MLB The Show 23 – How to Get Called Up in RTTS Mode

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MLB: The Show 23 is headlined by Road to The Show and the grind to make your way from the minor leagues to the MLB. Some have been left to wonder how to get called up in the mode as they have spent so long in the minor leagues. In this article, I will answer the question of how to get called up to the majors in Road to The Show 23.

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How to Get Called Up in MLB The Show 23 RTTS

The goal of Road to The Show is to sign or a Major League team and then work your way up from their developmental team. This isn’t easy to do and can depend on the player themselves, although August is usually a month where things can change if you’ve played well enough.

To get called up to the first-team the goal is simple. You have to be the highest-rated player in your position in the organisation. That means outperforming a legitimate MLB star while playing in the minors.

There are ways to speed up this process of course but they may not be of use. The first way is to be a pitcher. There are more pitcher spots than anything so making your way into that rotation can speed up your jump to the majors.

The other way is to identify a team with a clear weak point that you can fill. You see a team with a bad centre-fielder? Play in that spot on their developmental team and you’ll have an easier rise to the team as it will be easier to outperform a weak player.

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