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MLB: The Show 23 gives players more control than ever over the finer details including putting together their own batting stance that will impact their at-bats. In this guide, I will talk you through how to make the best batting stance in MLB: The Show 23.

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Best Batting Stance in MLB The Show 23

Hand Offset

Using the axis available you can decide your own offset for X,Y and Z. Each slider has its own impact that will heavily change the way you hit a pitch:

X: Lower X provides better contact on late swings, Higher X provides better contact on early swings

Y: Lower Y provides better hits on low pitch, Higher Y provides better hits on high pitch

Z: Lower Z provides better outside hits, Higher Z provides better inside hits

Adjust these sliders to fit your own quirks, for example I tend to swing early therefore I would have a higher X than others.

Hand Rotation

Similar to the last setting this is one to adjust based on your own playing style. A lower hand rotation offers better contact on high pitches while a higher hand rotation offers better contact on low pitches.

Hand Waggle Rotation

The waggle rotation has the same impact as the Hand Rotation

Back Elbow Offset

This is one that really starts to appeal to your personal tastes as changing this will overhaul how your player will hit the ball. A lower offset will improve your contact when hitting the ball while a higher offset will improve power.

This is a setting that starts shaping how your batting stance is going to work as you can prioritise long hits over clean hits and vice versa.

Front Elbow Offset

We’re back to deciding which zone you’ll hit better against as a low number will improve contact with low pitches, while a higher number improves contact against high pitches.

Hips Offset

The hips offset option provides the same impacts as the hands offset so when putting together your best batting stance, move the axis based on your own personal needs.

Forward Foot Offset

Once again you’ll be adjusting an axis here. One is Z and the other is X. A lower Z pulls your hits more often, while a higher Z pushes them. A lower X on the other hand provides better contact on late swings, while a higher X provides better contact on early swings.

Swing Type

We’re almost at the finish line and we have Swing Type. The default swing is surprisingly the most balanced of the three main options. One-handed swings prioritise power while two-handed prioritise contact. Each different swing within these has their own adjustments with some penalising the negatively affected attribute more than others. For example, one-handed swing 2 and one-handed swing 4 won’t sacrifice the same amount of power.


Again the default option is the most balanced option while Stride 1 provides better contact and stride 2 provides better power.

So, when it comes to putting together the best batting stance in MLB: The Show 23 there is no one right answer, each player will have to make changes based on their own play style using this guide.

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