Oscar Robertson build easter egg

Replica builds are one of the most fun new additions to the 2K series. In NBA 2K23 there are over 100 different replica builds with their own easter eggs that have been discovered so far. In this article, we will be walking you through all the steps necessary to recreate an Oscar Robertson build.

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Oscar Robertson Build in NBA 2K23


Position: PG

Right Handed

Jersey Number: 1

Height: 6 foot 5

Weight: 210

Wingspan: 6 foot 8


Close Shot: 81

Driving Layup: 90

Driving Funk: 43

Standing Dunk: Minimum

Post Control: 77


Mid Range: 81

Three Point: 82

Free Throw: 77


Pass Accuracy: 90

Ball Handle: 89

Speed with Ball: 75


Interior: 47

Perimeter: 78

Steal: 65

Block: 37

Offensive Rebound: 55

Defensive Rebound: 55


Speed: 75

Acceleration: 81

Strength: 67

Vertical: 78

Stamina: 90


Some guides say that you have to pick the correct takeovers to make a replica build work, in our experience that isn’t the case so pick whatever ones you’d prefer. It is possible this changes based on the console (i.e current gen vs. next gen).

This is all the information you need to unlock the Oscar Robertson build. Upon completing the build you will be rewarded with an easter egg showing your player has shades of the “The Big O”

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Play Style

This definitely isn’t a build I’d like to play with but it has enough playmaking and driving ability to appeal to someone. The build is relatively fast and should create opportunities but a lack of size means most centres will be able to stop you in your tracks. Defensively you’re also left lacking so make sure you pick a team with a great rim defender to stop you from giving up points.

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