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NBA 2K23’s The W mode allows people to embark on a MyCAREER style journey in the WNBA, just one that isn’t laced with the incentive to buy VC as you earn upgrades by playing well as opposed to spending points. The builds aren’t quite as in-depth as the regular MyPlayer but there are ways to optimise each build, in this article I will be looking at the best The W build in NBA 2K23 for the five spot.

Best The W Build for NBA 2K23


This build is specifically for the Centre position. When choosing your archetype pick the Post Scorer build.

Set Height to 6 foot 8, weight to 170 and wingspan to 7 foot. This will significantly reduce your ability to score from range but this build is essentially unstoppable in the paint and the low weight means you can move relatively well.

Play Style & Badges

This build is of use inside the paint. One thing about The WNBA in this game is that height can provide a major advantage, as anyone who has ever guarded Liz Cambage will know, and this build will make you essentially unguardable. Essentially when taking shots hold the right stick up to take something akin to a floater which no defender will be able to reach thanks to the 7-foot wingspan.

On the defensive end, blocks should be easier than ever thanks to the wingspan and high block potential of the build. Even if you aren’t blocking shots you’ll be a severe hindrance to just about everyone in the league.

I found no issue with the speed of the build either, while it may appear to be a very slow mover at first I never had any issue getting to where I needed to be.

I would immediately upgrade the Masher badge, Bully, Fast Twitch, and Slithery to make this build even more unguardable at the rim. Defensively my go-to would be the rebound chaser and the anchor.

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What do you think of our guide to making the best The W build in NBA 2K23 for the C position?
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