Hanged Man Boss Guide – Level, Weakness & Guide

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Most major bosses in Persona 3 are arcana bosses on the Full Moon, one of the final fights sees you take on the Hanged Man arcana. In this Hanged Man boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, weaknesses, and other helpful tips to win.

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Hanged Man Boss Guide for Persona 3 Portable


The Hanged Man boss has no weaknesses but it also has no strengths other than Light or Dark attacks. This makes it an easy target for your entire team to deal damage to.

The boss summons statues throughout the fight, the statue to the left nulls Fire, the middle statue nulls Ice, and the statue to the right nulls Electric attacks. These statues have no weaknesses.


This boss is Level 54 with a whopping 5500 HP and evenly distributed stats. The statues it summons are all level 48 with 250 HP each. I’d recommend entering this fight at a similar level to the main boss.

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The ideal lineup is MC, Yukari, Akihiko, and whoever is strongest.

MC and Yukari are vital to this fight as Yukari’s attacks won’t be nulled by any of the statues and she can heal. MC can also damage all of the statues either with a Garu-wielding Persona or with Almighty attacks.

TAKE OUT THE STATUES. Don’t let the boss sacrifice them or it will deal heavy damage to your entire team.

The boss mainly deals Strike attacks so having a persona or item that resists Strike can make the difference to staying alive. So long as you heal and take out the statues this one should be a winnable fight, if a bit time consuming.

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